Simply Electrifying was awarded a Gold Medal in the Economics category by the Axiom Business Book Awards for 2018. Gold Medals are awarded in 22 categories for this highly competitive, international event. Now in its 11th year, Axiom says that the goal of the awards “is to recognize the innovative, intelligent and creative aspects of new business books that make us think, see and work differently every day.” See Axiom Business Book Awards Here.

J.P. Morgan selected Simply Electrifying as one of eight “Compelling Reads” for its prestigious #NextList2018 which is meant “to share new ideas and experiences that we hope will enrich our clients’ lives for the year ahead.” J.P. Morgan found Simply Electrifying to be an “elucidating lens on the world” and “a highly accessible narrative about electricity’s inventors and innovators, along with its challenges and possibilities for the future.” See #NextList2018 HereSee Press Release Here.

The Henry Ford Museum selected Simply Electrifying to its exclusive Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 and said  "the book brings to life the 250-year history of electricity through the stories of the men and women who used it to transform our world." See Guide Here.

San Francisco Book Review and Seattle Book Review gave Simply Electrifying 4 out of 5 stars and found that "Roach brazenly divides his narrative into various ages, and it's an intriguing choice...that serves the book well, allowing readers to learn a great deal while still drawing their own conclusions." Full San Francisco Review Here. Full Seattle Review Here.

Financial Times chose Simply Electrifying as one of four new “Business Books of the Month” for July 2017. Full Review Here.

Harvard Business Review reviewed Simply Electrifying in its September-October 2017 issue in an article titled “Game-Changing Inventions.” Full Review Here.

Simply Electrifying is an inspiring book about the pioneers and visionaries who brought the transformative technology of electricity to all of society....A thought-provoking and comprehensive examination of the challenges and evolving opportunities surrounding the electrification of our economy.
— Tom Kuhn, President, Edison Electric Institute

Well written and extremely accessible, Simply Electrifying provides a comprehensive history of this life-changing discovery and is a fascinating and deeply engaging look at how we live today and where we may be headed in the future.
— Starred Review by Booklist, the official publication of the American Library Association (Full Review Here)

Simply Electrifying is as impressive as it is engaging and informative. Documenting the comprehensive history of one of humanity’s greatest achievements is no small feat, but Craig R. Roach has given us an elegant book that provides an excellent review of electricity and the utility industry in this country.
— Joshua W. Martin III, Director, Southwest Power Pool

This book should fill a prominent place on anyone’s bookshelf as a reference to one of man’s greatest achievements.
— Alan R. Schriber, PhD, Former Chair, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

It’s fascinating to see how far we’ve come and consider what the future may hold. Simply Electrifying is a gem and a must-read for anybody that has ever reached for a light switch.
— Kent Parsons, Energy and Electricity Lawyer, Baton Rouge, LA

If you have any interest in learning about the roles that science, governments, and private enterprise can play in determining the economics and choice of new technologies for social benefit or harm, read Craig’s book on the US electricity market.
— Ken Hendricks, Laurits R. Christensen Distinguished Chair, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

In this well-researched, well-written, and engaging book, Dr. Roach presents an accessible history of this simply electrifying topic: electricity itself....Both newbies to the field and experienced policy wonks will learn much from this important book.
— Julie Simon, Energy Industry Expert, Washington, DC

This incisive work connects advances in electricity technology and uses to the broader sweep of scientific progress, while also framing the transformative consequences of the democratization of electricity in economic, regulatory, and environmental terms. Dr. Roach’s outstanding book, by explaining how electricity became fundamental to modern life, allows us to better understand where the industry will go next.
— Kenneth M. Simon, Partner (ret.), Latham & Watkins LLP